Carbon Fiber vs Wood Guitars – which sound better?

In the past few years, carbon fiber has emerged as an alternative material used in making acoustic guitars. Carbon fiber offers strength that enables guitar makers to come up with bodies that do not have braces. This allows the instruments to have a higher acoustic volume and the all-graphite carbon fiber construction offers a detailed and crystalline tone. However, this has been viewed by people from other quarters as mere claims and it is important to compare it with a guitar made using wood. Below is a critical comparison between the two materials used to make acoustic guitars, and a look at the type that produces the best sound;

Carbon Fiber Guitars
Carbon fiber has for the longest time being associated with high performance especially in a golf shop, fishing shop, tennis shop or bike shop. It was not until the 1970s when it became popular as most people were looking for using it in various commercial applications due to its useful qualities. Carbon fiber guitars are great as they are durable, consistent, great sound and they are lightweight. The downside of these guitars is the fact that they are expensive due to the high cost of the carbon fiber material. In addition, the use of carbon fiber is still a new innovation and a lot of money is required in such instances for research and development.

Wood Guitars
A good number of guitarists prefer playing and buying guitars made from wood due to its affordability, great sound and the fact that its sound gets better with age unlike the carbon fiber guitars. Guitars made from wood tend to have a high end, which some guitarists claim is not there in carbon fiber manufactured guitars. There are a number of guitarists who prefer the wood guitars due to the fact that it does not distort the sound at all unlike the carbon fiber guitars. There are some guitarists who prefer the wood and wire guitars as they are not as mechanical as those made from carbon fiber. Check out this blog for more on types of wood guitars.

Bottom Line
When it comes to sound, these two types of guitars compete on a higher level. Carbon fiber guitars have a louder and pure sound that is unforgettable. The sound is resonant, clear and projects sound in all directions. A number of reviews on carbon fiber guitars praise them for their resonating and rich sound. However, wooden guitar lovers prefer their guitars as its sound can be varied unlike a carbon fiber guitar whose sound will be the same forever. The sound in a wooden guitar gets better as the instrument ages gracefully unlike the carbon fiber guitar.