How to Find a Good Luthier 

Possessing a guitar built from inception is a superb way to get a special instrument that sounds like no other than yours in the whole world. If you are a guitar player or a violinist, you can appreciate the result of having a unique instrument.

However, it is usually a costly idea to have a custom made guitar, and so the project should be evaluated and vouched carefully. Let’s have a look on How to find a good (guitar) luthier

Luthier Reviews
Looking at reviews for any product online can be daunting, but for high-end purchases such as custom acoustic guitars, you are going to find reviews on credible websites that contain to do with guitars and any guitar building, which is a great way to locate your luthier. In addition to reviews, ask any luthier whom you are exploring whether or not they can give you references of customers who bought a custom instrument from them, and make contact with that individual to ask them very specific questions about their guitar buying experience.

Luthier Recommendations
If the luthier you are dealing with can’t give you recommendations, then it notifies you a lot about their depth of experience and may indicate a lack of a good background. If you do get a reference, you are going to find that folks who own custom guitars wish to speak about them, and will probably give you some good insight on their experience, including lessons they are yet to learn along the way.

Luthier experience
The expertise of building a custom acoustic guitar should provide some satisfaction, alongside the clear stress of giving someone a lot of money to make something from scuff. You need to find someone who has the talent and skill to produce things you need, and who will support their work after done. Asking them questions, finding others to give input, and being inquisitive about the process, rather than just writing a check and holding out, are going to add to your experience and make you enjoy the final result even more.

Look and Audio
To find an expert luthier, you could have to look across the country or even outside your country, and this means that you might not exactly be able to see and play any of their electric guitars in person unless they are willing to dispatch you an example electric guitar for testing. You frustrated by this. However, every top-notch luthier will come with an available online gallery of their work to look at, and should also be capable of providing audio tracks samples of their various guitars being played. It’s not ideal, but being able to gauge these qualities online gives you the possibility to look everywhere for the right luthier to build your custom guitar.